Dental forms made easy

Dental forms made easy

Dental Professionals are rethinking the way they gather and confirm protected patient data. Digital Intakes creates a customizable and secure interaction for faster response to clients, a gain in efficiency, and a reduction in errors. No coding or IT required. Set up takes minutes!

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Intake forms for dentists

DigitalIntakes can streamline your intake process with ease. Our software is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to set up your forms quickly and easily. Send forms, with automatic reminders, through the application or place links on your website. Say goodbye to paper forms and hello to the convenience of digital intake.


Add Ons

Additional Clipboards:

Expand your capacity to manage forms across multiple locations or departments with Additional Clipboards. Ideal for practices, clinics & businesses. Allocate separate clipboards for different practitioners to streamline form processing & organization.

Extended storage:

Ensure ample time to process your digitally submitted forms. Ideal for practices/businesses who require data stay stored in the cloud for up to six months, ensuring easy access and retrieval when needed.

Send forms via SMS/Text:

Simplify the form submission process for your clients or patients by enabling the option to send form links directly via SMS/Text. Enhance convenience and accessibility, allowing recipients to complete forms on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Upload Questions:

Customize your forms with Upload Questions, allowing clients or patients to securely upload documents or files directly within the form. Streamline data collection and improve efficiency by gathering essential information such as insurance cards, identification documents, or medical records.

The most convenient method to Intake Forms


HIPAA Compliant Bank Grade Encryption.


Send forms through the app or place form links anywhere.


  • Enhances Efficiency
  • Patient's love it!


  • Google Map
  • Free Support
  • Unlimited Submissions


No coding. Free Templates Forms that work on any size display.


Notifications received upon form completion. Be better prepared. Process forms before they arrive.

How does Digital Intakes Work?

Reduce Paperwork

  • No more scanning & shredding
  • Saves time and money
  • Convert your existing forms
  • Send one form or a group of forms
  • Save on envelopes and postage
  • Go Green!
  • Tablet compatible
The first 15 days* for just $0.99

*($19.90 per month)

Security is our first priority

Sending sensitive data through unsecure channels like email or unencrypted web pages puts your clients information at risk and is not HIPAA compliant. To do it the right way is expensive to set up and maintain. We offer great digital forms with all the built-in security for just $19.90 per month. Sign up now.

  • HIPAA / HITECH Compliant
  • Multi-layered Security
  • Bank Grade Encryption
  • Email/SMS Authorization required for access
  • Enhanced server protection
  • Servers under armed guard protection
  • Controlled associate access
  • Device/Computer Authorization required for access

Simplify Your Practice with Online Forms

Welcome to Digital Intakes, your partner in streamlining intake processes for various specialties. Our intuitive platform offers easy-to-use digital forms tailored to your practice's needs. Whether you're in healthcare, law, or another field, we're here to help you save time and resources.

You can adjust form background colors easily using the form editor.

Yes, you can! The 'Send a Form' function allows you to send personalized invitations to clients.

We offer various forms, including patient intake, employment applications, and more, customizable to your dental practice's needs.

Patient data and forms are highly secure. We prioritize HIPAA compliance to ensure the safety of your data.

Absolutely! Our custom form builder allows you to create specialized forms for dental treatments or procedures.

” has made our patient intake process a breeze. Their dental forms are user-friendly and customizable, so we can easily collect all the necessary information from our clients. Plus, their low cost makes it an easy choice for our small practice." - Kevin Holt, business manager

Key points



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  • Reduces No-Shows & Cancellations
  • Creates form links for your website
  • HIPAA/HiTECH Compliant
  • Works with your Existing Software
  • Ready to use Forms or Create your own
  • Enhances Efficiency
  • Optimizes Client Flow
  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Invitation System with Automatic Reminders
  • Free Setup and Support (800) 993-6767

$19.90 per month

No term commitment/cancel anytime
No Setup fee/Easy setup takes 5 minutes
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The first 15 days* for just $0.99